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Monga Eradication

With experiences realized that a sustainable and coordinated approach is indispensable for eradicating monga permanently in the northern District Bangladesh. It is also observed that efforts limited to the lean season have less impact in the lives and livelihoods of the poor people. As a result sufferings of the poor remain same in the subsequent years.  For facing monga every year people borrow money from the moneylenders at high rates. Small farmers are compelled to sale their standing crops or land, wage labours are forced to sell their labour in advance or migrate in other parts of the country in search of employment opportunities leaving behind the dependent family members in vulnerable situation.

In this perspective PKSF has taken lasting initiatives through PRIME that is providing year round support including the lean season. Moreover this programme is focusing on building an anti-poverty alliance with other development organizations for eradicating monga in a coordinated way.

Programmed Initiatives for Monga  Eradication  (PRIME) is working for eradicating monga  by creating wage employment and self-employment opportunities for the monga  affected people in the northern part of Bangladesh throughout the year. SSUS was launched this programme from November ’08 supported by the PKSF for poverty reduction.