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Adibashi community Project

Samakal Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (S-SUS) has been working for the development and empowerment of the women in six Union of two Upazilla under Rangpur District since last nine years with the kind financial help of Andheri Hilfe e.V. Germany. While working in the area SSUS has been observed that the hardcore poor of the Bengali mainstream and the Adibashi people are the most neglected and vulnerable in all respect. SSUS observed that the hardcore poor and the Adibashi communities are almost in the same status in terms of civic rights and facilities. In the adjacent areas of the existing working areas of SSUS still there are many Adibashi people who are yet to be included in the development interventions. Besides the situations of the hardcore poor populations of the areas are more acute and vulnerable. It is well known to all that among other districts of the north Rangpur is one of the ‘Monga’ prone area. This area has no industrial base. The economy is totally dependent on the agriculture.

It is also fact that due to geographical location the agriculture is basically seasonal. It is important to mention here that a huge numbers of poorest population are completely dependent on day laborer in the agriculture field. As the working opportunities in the agriculture field is very seasonal i.e. maximum six months in a year. As a result these huge numbers of population become unemployed for the rest six months of the year. This caused the poverty situation of this area more acute. The primary health care situation of this area is also completely inadequate in this area. The poorest people are not financially capable to avail the health care facilities from the private medical sectors. The government health care facilities are very much inadequate especially it is very difficult for the hardcore people and Adiavshi people to avail the health care facilities from the government hospitals or health centers. Moreover, theses hardcore poor and the Adivashi people are not health conscious. They needed adequate primary health care awareness. Both the hardcore poor and the Adivashi children are also deprived from the primary education for various reasons. Unconsciousness, acute poverty and social discriminations are some mentionable reasons for the deprivation of theses people from primary education.