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Major Activities

The major activities that the project will accomplish to achieve the above-mentioned results are mentioned below.


Starting the existing self-help groups and involves them with different activities.

Organize regular group meetings and discuss about different development issues by the project    community development workers.

Arrange Accounts, record keeping training for the group members.

Arrange advocacy and lobbying training for the group members.

Arrange meeting, seminars with the adibashi and UP (Union Parishod) members and local elite person in the project area.

Provide different types of skill development training to the project beneficiaries.

Encourage group members for regular savings collection and keep record of them.

Assist group members to identify suitable income generation activity (IGA) that will help them earning additional income.

Providing soft loan support to the group members to start income generating activities.

Make the group members aware about minimum wages, ask/ create pressure for equal wage for equal work through collective initiatives.

Organize discussion meetings with the powerful and rich people and employers of the area and lobby for just wages.

Discuss and figure out mortgaged land and leasing land for implementing crop pattern IGA.

Make indigenous group members aware about their rights as citizen of the country to have access to different places including local market and avail those services like Bengali community people.

Arrange discussion meetings with local market management committee and other powerful people.

Install 10 tube-wells and 25 slab latrines for deserving group members with their active participation.

Inform group members about their health care service available from union welfare center, Upazilla health complex and make linkage with those service providing agencies and avail services from those sources.

Providing primary medical services to poorest group members through paramedics from the project.

To achieve the better result the project will train-up the project staff quarterly and arrange monthly meeting with the whole project staff.

Arrange a gathering in every project year.

Regular supervision and monitoring of project activities. It would be worth mentioning that the checklists used for monitoring the activities during the last phase of the project were very helpful. This checklist will be modified further based on the activities of the next three years continuation phase. Maybe it may help you. It is necessary to mention here that the group leaders will be involved in monitoring of the activities. Based on the findings of the monitoring, it will be provided to the project beneficiaries as well as the staff members of SSUS for necessary steps/ developments.

All the accounts (transactions) related to this project will be maintained and following the accounting rules and norms. The external auditors will conduct audit and audit report will be submitted to Andheri Hilfe, Caritas Bangladesh and also to the NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh Government.

At the end of the project SSUS staff members for assessing the impacts will undertake evaluation of the project activities. Besides, the representative of AH/ AHB (Bangladesh) will also evaluate the impacts of the project activities.